Course “Man sees man”

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In this course you learn to look at and to depict “the human being” in all his or her forms.
A human being consists of many different manifestations, e.g. the nude, the portrait, a person in movement, the dancing person, old and young people, the odalisque, the fragile and the flamboyant human.
In short many different perspectives and many different atmospheres.

In this 24-week course there are about 14 lessons that we work with a model and 10 lessons using photos or drawings.
These 10 lessons are especially meant to look for and find your own process, style and technique. But again and again there are lessons with models in which learning to look and to depict are essential.
During all these lessons we support each other by looking at art together.

During my courses I try to create favourable preconditions: a quiet ambiance, attentive models, suitable music.
For only when the mind is at rest, you can see things in the right way. Then you can lose yourself, be completely absorbed and find yourself at the same time.
My supervision is individual, the technique with which you want to work your own choice. The essence is the development of your own visual language.
We work on the basis of a programme that will be evaluated at the end of the course, and that is renewed every year, using the ideas and suggestions of the former participants.